Phone Book

S.No.NameDesignationSTDPhone-No(Off)FaxPhone-No(Res)Mobile-NoEmail Id
1Shri Dara Singh ChauhanChairman (Lucknow)05222715011
2Shri Ajay KumarManaging Director (Lucknow)
3Shri Arvind GuptaAdditional Managing Director (Lucknow)
4Shri Atul JindalAdditional Managing Director (Certification)
1Shri G. SudhakarGeneral Manager(Personal) (Lucknow)
2Shri R.S. JaaydaPS to MD052227166099454615635
EPF Section
1Shri V.S.NegiAccounts Officer and Joint Secretary (EPF) (Lucknow)
Account Section
1Shri Deep ChandraChief account Officer (Lucknow)
2Shri K.K. MishraAccount Officer (HQ) (Lucknow)
Audit Section
1Shri V.S.NegiIncharge
Computer Section
1Smt. Vinita TripathiSales Officer, System (Lucknow)
General Section
1Shri Manish MittalRegional Manager (HQ) (Lucknow)
2Shri Satish Kumar Singh Incharge (vehicle) (Lucknow)05229452904054
3Shri S.K. VermaIncharge Divisional Manager (HQ)052227165098787278022
Industry Section
1Smt. Eva SharmaGeneral Manager(Udyog) (Lucknow)
Chairman Office
1Smt. Asha SharmaOSD (Lucknow)
Ecotourism Section
1Regional Manager (Ecoturism) (Lucknow)
2Shri Devmani MishraDivisional Manager(ECO) (Lucknow)
Production Section
1Shri B. PrabhakarGeneral Manager(Production) (Lucknow)
2Shri PyarelalStatistical Officer (Production) (Lucknow)
Sales/Marketing Section
1Shri S.N. MishraGeneral Manager (Sales) (Lucknow)
2Shri Sunil JainMarketing Officer (Lucknow)
3ShriDivisional Manager (Sales)
Tendu Patta Section
1Shri Ram KumarGeneral Manager(Tendu Patta) (Lucknow)
2Shri Vedpal Singh Accountant05229450161478
GM Office(East Zone)
1Shri A.P. SinhaGeneral Manager(East) (Prayagraj (Allahabad))
GM Office(West Zone)
1Smt. Indu SharmaGeneral Manager(W) (Meerut)
RM Lucknow Office
1Shri Ram KumarRegional Manager (Lucknow) (Lucknow)
2Shri Manoj PathakAccount Officer (Jhansi)05229451975699
3Shri Maharaj singh palDivisional Sales Manager(Jhansi) (Jhansi)
4Shri Surya Kant SinghDivisional Logging Manager (Jhansi) (Jhansi)
5Shri Maharaj singh palDivisional Logging Manager (Jhansi) (Jhansi)
6A. P. SrivastavaDivisional Sales Manager(Lucknow) (Lucknow)
7Shri A. P. SrivastavaSales Officer, Etawah (Etawah)056882583392511092524459415459273
8Shri N.P. SharmaSales Officer, Etawah (Etawah)
9Shri S. P. SinhaDivisional Logging Manager (Karvi) (Karvi)
10Shri P. BrahmanandamDivisional Logging Manager (Lucknow) (Lucknow)
11Shri T. Laxmi RaajamDivisional Logging Manager (Etawah) (Etawah)
RM Gorakhpur Office
1Shri B. PrabhakerRegional Manager (Gorakhpur) (Gorakhpur)
2Shri Kartik MukharjiAccount Officer (Gorakhpur)0551250008925003349838350220
3Shri Satish Chandra Srivastav Divisional Sales Manager(Gonda) (Gonda)
4Shri Reddy RajjiyaDivisional Logging Manager (Gonda) (Gonda)
5Shri Davinder SinghDivisional Sales Manager (Gorakhpur) (Gorakhpur)
6Shri Mushtaq ahmadDivisional Logging Manager (Gorakhpur) (Gorakhpur)
RM Allahabad Office
1Shri Regional Manager (Allahabad) (Prayagraj (Allahabad))
2Shri P.P. SinghDivisional Sales Manager(Varanasi) (Varanasi)
3Shri N. K. ShuklaDivisional Sales Manager(Duddhi) (Duddhi)
4Shri N.K. ShuklaDivisional Logging Manager (Mirzapur) (Mirzapur)
5Shri Devendra Bahadur SinghLogging Officer (Prayagraj (Allahabad))0532246589924669328887921477
6Shri A. K. VermaSales Officer, varanasi (Varanasi)
7Shri B. K. SinghDivisional Logging Manager (Renukoot) (Renukoot)
RM Lakhimpur Office
1Shri K. K. SinghRegional Manager (Lakhimpurkheri) (Lakhimpurkheri)
2Shri V.K. GuptaAccount Officer (Lakhimpurkheri)058722521559451714136
3Shri R.S.ChauhanDivisional Logging Manager (Kheri) (Lakhimpurkheri)
4Shri Pradeep Kumar SinghDivisional Sales Manager(Bahraich) (Bahraich)
5Shri Satish Kumar SrivastavaDivisional Sales Manager(Kheri) (Lakhimpurkheri)
6Shri R. S. Chauhanlogging officer (pilibhit)
7Shri R.S.ChauhanDivisional Logging Manager (Bahraich) (Bahraich)
RM Meerut Office
1Smt.Indu SharmaRegional Manager(Meerut) (Meerut)
2Shri R.K. SinghDivisional Logging Manager (Najibabad) (Najibabad)
3Shri N.P. SharmaDivisional Logging Manager (Meerut) (Meerut)
4Shri Dinesh Kumar SinghDivisional Sales Manager (Saharanpur) (Saharanpur)
5Shri R.K. SinghDivisional Logging Manager( Moradabad ) (Moradabad)
6Shri Sahab Singh Chaudhary Sales Officer, Gaziabad (Ghaziabad)
GM/Bareli Section
1Shri K.K. SinghGeneral Manager (Bareilly) (Bareilly)
Uttar Pradesh Forest Corporation

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